90007Together for ten years, The Student Loan is a progressive-acoustic newgrass project based out of Portland, Oregon. This innovative quartet’s diverse style transcends genre, fusing elements of jazz, blues, rock and jam with traditional bluegrass instrumentation. The band’s distinct sound appeals to everyone from the most discerning traditional bluegrass listeners to the most enthusiastic jam band fans. They are known for their fun and funky originals, their quirky covers, and their knack for getting a crowd moving on the dance floor.


The band has been featured in prominent Pacific Northwest events like Northwest String Summit and Wintergrass, and international institutions like the Dominican Republic Jazz Festival, Java Jazz Festival, and the Cosquin Folk Festival.


A formally trained composer, percussionist, and violinist, West Virginian mandolinist Chad Kimbler blazes a trail of furious picking. Guitarist, fiddler, and vocalist Liz Chibucos, an Ohio native and avid songwriter, brings to the table a wealth of jazz, classical, world and rock influences. Banjo player, vocalist, and guitarist Mark Gerolami of upstate New York draws upon a rich background of folk, western, and world music. Seasoned rock, gospel, and jazz bassist, Tacoma, Washington native Julio Appling lays down a creative and solid foundation, and holds his own as a soloist.


This innovative quartet’s fourth album, ‘Moonlit Toasters,’ was released in June 2014. Produced by Scott Law of Phil Lesh and Friends, this album marks a new stage of style and creativity for the band whose diverse sound transcends genre, fusing elements of jazz, blues, rock and jam with traditional bluegrass instrumentation. “Wake Up to The Student Loan,” the band’s first album, was release in 2006 and was followed with “A New and Different Life” in 2008. Their third, “No Host Lunch” was released in the summer of 2011, inspired by the group’s tours abroad for cultural exchange programs for the US State Department.